Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Will (draft)

The Will (draft)

Between the thickets of grass, I sit in my testing chair,
pausing in conversation to relieve my words
from desire - it is the stillness
in me that watches the wind.
My speech wants to move,
clinging to the hand -
when will I walk out
my thoughts with silence?
I had dreamt that going home would be quiet,
hearing the empty steps
of my ambition on a clear road.
The fixtures of the sky told me
to look down to where I stand
and throw my questions to a still wind,
that the stems of grass would not stir.

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Om Mani Padme Hum said...

This is very well written. I read it 4 times through.

"hearing the empty steps of my ambition on a clear road."

It seems ambition stems from the ego wanting to achieve something, nothing wrong with it yet the right action always seems to come from stillness.

From stillness, I just flow with it without question and somehow, the right path is shown to me.

I always seek Balance. This is very important for me so I can fully be myself in this world and yet stand apart from it. Even when I am fully immersed in action, paradoxically, I feel a sense of stillness that remains undisturbed by any thought or action. How strange! I appear to be doing something and yet I am also observing it happening by itself at the same time.

much Love