Sunday, June 7, 2009

Here is Where

Here is Where

As fire in fire rests,
I want to create a desert
and hold nothing.
The morsels I carry
dug in the ground
where they remember
their home placed outside
of quietness.

I can not revel in my skin
when my mind aches in separation -
how can I grow toward you
when I do not sing?

There is only persistence:
to follow the sounds
that keep my eyes,
or to watch my steps
into the garden.


Athelas said...

hello brother!
i really like this one. :-)

Bhalachandra said...
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Bhalachandra said...

Hello Sister,

Thank you for following my blogs and taking interest in them. Which collective are you from?

It is very nice to see another yogi interested in writing.

Brother Bhalachandra

Athelas said...

Reading your poetry is like a breath of fresh air. I enjoy your blogs very much!

-Mangala from Los Angeles