Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Boiling Watch

Boiling Watch

The ambition
of the hands meet the ripples
of a mind plain,
where blue jay penetrate urge
of staid claws
into the boughs vibrating
with fragrance - still
with its course emptying, kind
smells lower eyes.
Unfurling the blinds over
glass, where to see
through is denying sight that
burns at night, lifts
the blinding glow
of day - whoever watches
forgets the time.

1 comment:

Om Mani Padme Hum said...

I love it. A very well written poem. You use each word in a subtle way where each line feels complete into itself & yet it gives a smooth transition to the next line. There is a spontaneous feeling to it and also a very good use of sound and imagery.

It was great to see you again too. I also often feel like we were brothers in a past life. Maybe even several lifetimes, who knows?

I really appreciate you inviting me to your home. I will most definately visit you and your brothers someday though I do not know exactly when. Will you send me your new address? Maybe we could meditate and play tabla together.

Man, if we meditate together for too long, we might easily blow the roof of your house!

And keep writing my brother. I really enjoy your poetry. I have an intuition you will get at least a few poetry books published in this lifetime.

And if not this lifetime, there's always next lifeime. : )

your brother